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The ABS system for shower heads

June 7, 2019

Yesterday the ABS brakes in my car probably just saved my life and that of my family.


So I did some digging in the history of this Safety Device.

I wonder how many of you know that the Anti Breaking System originated by a concept first used in rail carriages (1908) and then on airplanes (in 1920). Various companies continued research and development, firstly in the form of a patent in 1928 that was never converted into a working product and then also the Bosch company filed a different patent in 1936 but never developed a working model, either.

In 1950 it became standard for aviation, though.


Eight years later, in 1958, it was tested by a motorbike manufacturer and it proved of great help - something that doesn't surprise me at all, being a moto rider myself. Yet, despite such good results more than one motorbike companies "saw none or little future for such a device"  and never put it into production until when it finally was, in 1988 - on some BMW models; that's thirty years after the tests on motorbikes and 80 years later since the first concept product.


What about cars?

It was adopted in cars not before 1971 by various brands worldwide, each one experimenting on diverse versions of it. Results were consistent: it was clear that such a system could save lives. It became a standard for Mercedes cars in 1987 and many other followed. source

Nowadays, customers wouldn't consider a car with no ABS brakes unless it is a very cheap car and even utility cars are adopting such technology more and more everyday.


It is a Safety Device standard. People want it. 


Yes, but why? Don't we all have a driving licence, aren't we all supposed, as a driver, to pay attention when driving, to take all precautions when driving in populated areas or at crossroads and surely to reduce speed and increase attention level when it's raining or there's snow or ice?

Yes! Sure we are.

But we don't always do that. And - pardon my French - shit happens and you don't want to ruin your car, or even worse ruin your life or that of someone else.



And that's what we had in mind when we created the Safety Valve®, our Limestone Deposit Damage Prevention system.



And, again, that's exactly why we include this Safety device in all of our ultra-thin shower heads: because we include flow limiters and filters but plumbers sometimes remove them, very much as well as cars have brakes but drivers sometimes don't (or can't) use them properly.

And, again, end-users know they should do easy, plain regular maintenance such as cleaning the nozzles but they don't do that, very much as well as drivers know safety driving rules but they don't (always) abide to them.


And, like ABS brakes, we are convinced our Limestone Deposit Damage Prevention systems will become a standard, and some companies and it will not take decades this time, I am ready to bet on that!





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