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Limestone Damage No More

November 26, 2018

Why did we need it? 


By now you sure already know this little genius idea here, right?


The nice Safety Valve® that prevents damages from limestone deposits. 


But why in the world did we create such a thing? Why investing tons of money and a countless number of hours, not to mention the creation of a specific mould for our injection-based silicon moulder to create it? 


Because we care. We care about you, about your customers and about the shower head they bought. Sometime, I'd say, we care more than they do, even.


Anyway, a long story short, I'll say that:


  • Once there were thick brass shower heads, then ultra-thin stainless steel ones came out. And they were so cool.

  • Now, everyone would love it if they had water with low limestone content in their house, but that's not it

  • and when that's not the case it's not just a matter of water coming out of the nozzles in the most diverse directions

  • because it can get much worse than that: Ultra-thin shower heads can... bloat. Like in this photoshopped picture comparing a regular shower head (right side of the pic) to a bloated one (obtained by obstructing half of the nozzles during one of our tests) on the left side:

  • Which is the least thing that could happen, when the welding is not strong enough to withold the pressure, as in some products from extra-UE:


     That's not nice, is it? 

We believe customers deserve peace of mind when they buy a shower head coming from ZINOX.


  • We include the flow limiter and - on selected models - we have it pre-installed.

  • We use state-of-the-art optical-fiber laser welding technology and automated Computer Aided methodology to ensure the best welding.

  • We give the customer clear indications on how to maintenance their shower head.

And we created a Valve that would vent out the excess pressure created by obstructed nozzles or excess water or the ram-effect coming from an old water piping system. 


Safety Valve® that will release the pressure in the showerhead to preventi it from any damage derived by the excess pressure coming from neglected nozzles (by the customers) or the absence of flow limiters (from the installer).



Well, this is something and there's some more news, too. So, well: #staytuneformore...



If you would like to see it for yourself, send us a message by clicking on the mailman at the side of this text and I could even come to bring such new product to you in person.


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