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You Are Our Best Customer

February 21, 2018

It is a fact: colossuses such as Amazon are eating companies like Trony and other electronic superstore away, as much as the latter once gobbled up the small neighbourhood computer stores.

Same old story? Maybe, but with a different twist


One thing happening nowadays, that was not happening then, is that people often go to a showroom to see the component they wants in real, talks to someone real, check all the details in real, and then go to the Amazon website to buy it at a discounted price.


The chain value gets broken, when behaving like this. 

I, too, of course buy stuff on Amazon, but I “value” the added value of having someone in a showroom servicing my need to understand the added value of one product when fitted into my own house. And, in those cases, I usually place my purchase at the shop.


Here at ZINOX we manufacture shower elements, shower systems, bathtub spouts and cascades in Stainless steel and we proudly consider ourselves an OED/OEM company. 

Our customers are the several brassware industries worldwide. 


We recognise all the work and the added value they deliver to end-customer by servicing the showrooms and training them and this is why We Don’t Sell to Showrooms. 


That’s a fact.


This is indeed a long-term strategy we have long embraced and keep deploying and are happy with the outcome it gets to.

It is about teaming up with the market industry, the key players, respecting their industrial secrets and being 100% trustworthy when handling their projects. 

Ande we indeed are trustworthy and do everyhing needed to ensure we keep being recognised as such.


Our core business is therefore creating added value to the brassware companies who wants to explore the world of stainless steel elements for shower and bathtubs. And occasionally develop plates, clamps, supports and even accessories in stainless steel.

We help them create new models that match their existing product lines, or invent new product lines altogether. 

It is a tight-cooperation and a win-win situation: they send us drafts and schemes, we create 3D rendering, laser-cut and weld and bend them into actual products and send them test samples, they send us modifications and we work out ideas and implementation with them and finally we have a Gold Final on which we check the water behaviour and double-check in order to find any weak spot in the project, by testing the products with water and air pressure and everything is always done in team with the sanitary fittings company. 


We want them to feel the product as their own.


And we are proud to say, we are succeeding in this.


What’s your project? Tell us. We can help you make it become true and still feel it’s your idea.

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