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Laser Processing: Stylish and Creative-savvy

January 29, 2018

It's a fact: humans are a very peculiar kind of ape. We enjoy a well designed dress, a well designed car and we like it when our houses do look good. And this extends to the bathrooms and kitchen, where so much of our lives is spent or depend from.

Hence, the kick we get when we are offered the opportunity to have something stylish, to get creative in the design, when we can express that part that is, oh so human.

Laser Processing has, so far, showed to be a great help in supporting this creative process.

So, in this post, I will focus on how processing Stainless Steel enhances creativity and supports designers worldwide in unleashing all the potential of their creativity in making our house, and particularly our bathrooms, a pleasant experience.


Laser processing involves: 

  • laser cutting

  • laser engraving

  • laser welding

to which you'll add pin-welding, numeric control bending and milling and lathing and then all possible finishings.


The 3D CAD tools nowadays allow designers working in this field to create the most complex forms and feed automatic machines with 0,1 mm precision cutting-plans or even better.

The Laser cut almost have no HAZ so deformation and material properties changes can be ignored for all practical uses in brassware.

8-axes machines can bend up to 8 mm INOX sheet for with a repeated process that is totally automated and computer controlled: artisan quality with industrial control and productivity can now be achieved.


The limit to designer creativity is nothing but the physics of water and in fact users can now enjoy shower heads so thin, they are only 2 mm in thickness and yet deliver a perfect rainfall.

Or wall-mount shower heads including rain and waterfall in less than 5 mm.

Here at ZINOX, as OED and OEM renown experts in the brassware industry, several projects from different top players worldwide or "design factories" are delivered every week and our experts work on them to produce shower heads, columns and tub spouts and cascade of any sort.


Shape, finishing, combination of materials including metal-non metal, drumming and cutting and bending and welding mixed together. 

And the result is always stylish as a natural result of the intrinsic sleek effect of the stainless steel applied to fittings and bathroom/kitchen elements.


Be brave. Be bold. At ZINOX laser, with 3D CAD and laser welding and processing experts, we've got you covered.

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