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The Final Solution for the Prevention of Limestone Damages

August 27, 2018


When they come to buy your shower heads, they love their stainless steel shower head so much and choose it carefully amongst many and are so demanding about its features and finish and rain effect.

Once at home, after having shown it to all of their friends, they forget about some of the most simple cleaning procedures that would maintain it fully functional and beautiful as the first day, because for steel to stay great for long so it only needs them to keep it free of limestone deposit.

ZINOX's nozzle are inserted one at a time and the combination of their shape and the material they are moulded from (in house by ZINOX) makes it very easy to clean them, by just a gentle rotary movement of your finger tip and very difficult to break or remove from the shower head.


Yet, our Quality Control department sees installed shower heads where the gasket filter we include in the box isn't installed (we now have, for some specific products, the gasket filter preinstalled) and shower heads that have seen no limestone care for years with more than half of the nozzles almost totally clogged up.


Now, this can lead to damages. In case of a strong pressure with nozzles almost totally clogged up, the only pressure release will be... the welding as you can see in this Chinese-brand product (image from web repositories). 



As specialists on the subject we can tell that no matter how good the welding is - we use special welding systems with fibre laser automatic machines to ensure high quality results and each piece is tested to specs - the welding will be the "weak point" where pressure will find refuge when nozzles are clogged up.


What if there were something else for pressure to vent out? What if there were a valve that could release the pressure, and give a second chance to our shower head?


YES. Great idea. But how much would it cost in addition to the regular shower head cost?


What if it would cost you nothing to have it?


ZINOX has created the final solution to it, that will not add up to your cost and instead release you from limestone damages complaints from inattentive customers for ever.

It will be free for you to have it but feel free to have the end-user pay for it, or rather exchange it with some "insurance-fee" or adding up a "no-warranty" clause when they would buy one with no "Limestone Valve". That's because if they only would clean their nozzles regularly...


Like many other things in life that look easy once they have been achieved also this one has taken us long time to get done. 

At ZINOX we had to find the right answer to a number of questions:

  • should it be automatic or manually operated?

  • should it be made of stainless steel or something else?

  • should it be disposable or re-usable?

  • should it be one-size-fits-all or showerhead-dependent?

Once the tallest peak had been climbed and passed over - "how should it function?" - we decided it would have been made out of the same food-grade silicon we mould inject nozzles from because this material is safe, memory-effect free and we could do several tests on its shape because we mould-inject from bi-component liquid silicon in our very factories so we would proceed quickly through the tests.


Some were in favour of a replaceable version - shops like spare parts, for example - but we wanted this to work out-of-the-box and for as long as one would keep our shower head in their house.

At ZINOX we were headed to a solution along the line of our motto: PEACE OF MIND


And we wanted to offer it as a standard so we needed to engineer it so that it would work on all the shower heads requiring this kind of safe system. Both safe and cost-savvy.

So we have decided to work harder on the first stages of the process with no compromises on these benchmark points until we'd manage to make it so that we can use one single shape and need not being shower head specific.


And... please welcome ZINOX's Limestone Safety Valve:


It is a nice little tool, isn't it? Just plain and easy and working like charm thanks to the great work behind it. This little piece of innovation in the shower head industry will make your day.



Would you like to see one for yourself, click the delivery guy now and I'll come to bring you one.






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